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Welcome to Peer Listening


About Dow Peer Listening

Dow Peer Listening is currently functioning as a pilot program. If the peer listening program is successful, it may be a resource that is offered campus-wide. Additionally, the peer listening program is coordinating with the counseling center in terms of referrals and access to more resources.

Moreover, Dow peer listeners are Dow students that were selected via the application process, who then went through training to become Certified Peer Educators. Additionally, they received training in racial/cultural sensitivity and various scenario-based modules.  


Learn more about our peer listeners under the "Meet the Peer Listeners" tab. 

The Peer Listening Model

Our peer listeners are not here to mimic the counseling professionals. Our peer listeners are not going to tell you how to solve your conflict, but rather guide you to a solution that is the best for you.


Peer listeners may also provide the students with resources that can further help the students resolve their conflicts such as studying tips, referral to on-campus resources, etc.


 The listening space is intended to be safe for the peer listener and the student. If the peer listener feels uncomfortable during a meeting, the peer listener reserves the right to provide a warning and re-establish the boundary of the relationship. If the peer listeners continues to feel uncomfortable, the peer listener may terminate the session

History of Peer Listening

The last few years and current times have been challenging for all of us in various ways. The unpredictable circumstances have been severely disruptive for students in several aspects, including mental health and well-being. The same impacts were communicated to the Dow Council ranging from different degrees of severity from struggling to keep up with assignments to feeling alone. We knew we had to do something to further ensure the well-being of our peers and students. However, we also understood that sometimes seeking professional help is overwhelming, we think our problems are too small for counseling, we feel like we have no one else to talk to, etc., thus the idea of peer listening became our center of focus.

Through an abundance of research, we noticed that several high schools and colleges across the nation of all sizes had established peer listening programs and that the students in Dow could really benefit from this service. 


The information shared with the peer listener remains 100% confidential. However, if a student discloses a crime, abuse, or feeling suicidal, our peer listeners are required to disclose this information to the appropriate services such as counseling center, campus safety, Title IX coordinator, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Peer Listening Works

  • Peer listeners are available Monday-Friday every week. However, some peer listeners may offer weekend availability. 

  • Students can schedule an appointment for 15 or 30 minutes with the peer listener of their choice.

  • Students can request an in-person or virtual appointment.

  • Students may speak to peer listeners for a variety of reasons, but not limited to, conflict with professors or group partners, feeling homesick, work conflicts, feeling burnout, friendship conflicts, feeling overwhelmed, etc.

  • Everything shared in the meeting will remain confidential per our confidentiality policy.

  • After the meeting, the peer listener WILL NOT follow up with the student, unless the student requests a follow-up meeting with the listener.

  • The student will receive a link to provide anonymous feedback about the meeting and/or peer listening program. Feedback is optional, but strongly encouraged so we can continuously improve to better serve our peers! 

  • Is there a limit on how many meetings I can have each term?

There is no limit on how many meetings a student can have.

  • Is Peer listening free?

Yes, peer listening is 100% free!

  • What happens if my information does not remain confidential?

The peer listeners will be removed from this leadership position and may face additional consequences as needed. 

  • Where will my meeting with the peer listener take place?

If the meeting is in person, you and the peer listener can decide where is the best meeting place such as the Book Club, the Quad, the first floor of the library, etc. If the meeting is virtual, it will take place through teams.

  • If I have a virtual meeting, do I have to have my camera on?

Not at all! This space is about your comfort, you can choose to do an audio call or keep your camera off during the meeting. 

  • Where can I learn about the peer listeners and schedule a meeting?

You can learn more about our peer listeners under the "Meet the Peer Listeners" tab.

  • Do peer listeners change their availability each term? 

Yes, peer listeners change their hours of availability each term and their new hours will be posted prior to the start of the next term. 

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