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What Do We Do?

Dow Council advocate for issues that you or a friend may be facing.

Dow Council acts as a liaison between Dow students and professors.

Dow Council creates events that enrich your progression in the STEM field, in the Dow community, and promotes inclusion amongst peers.

How can you help?

The only way we can truly help you and make your experience in Dow spectacular is if you give us feedback on your experience in Dow. Also, feel free to submit ideas about how to improve Dow by contacting Dow Council!


Increase inclusivity

We plan to increase inclusivity in Dow hosting events for student interactions

Build professor student relationships

We plans to build professors student relationships by hosting spaces were students can comfortably get to know their professors.

Promote resources that aid students

We plan to do the help students acquire resources such as tutoring, internships, research opportunities and mental health information.

Increase retention rate of students in Dow

We hope to increase retention rate of students in Dow by using feedback forms to locate then address problems that may be affecting students performance in Dow.

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